We are committed to working with cities & institutions —  not separate from them, and certainly not against them.

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Biking is good for everyone.

If 1% of drivers switch to cycling, traffic can be reduced by up to 18%. In dense areas, cycling can be as much as 30% faster than car travel for distances up to 6 km.

Cities win.

Reduced congestion; insights on transportation data; local jobs. Our powerful software has the ability to track our bike trips, giving cities true insight into how people are maneuvering their cityscape and provide essential data to help build more successful city infrastructure.

Environment wins.

Lower emissions. Dropbike encourages sustainable transit even in winter months. Every 40 vehicle kilometres traveled by bike mitigates the need for 3 litres of gasoline.

Residents win.

Affordable, accessible, and healthy transit options. At $1 per hour and with monthly pricing options residents can take advantage of our affordable system. In 1 hour someone could easily bike 10 km.


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