Q. What is Dropbike?

Dropbike is a smart bike sharing service. Free from physical stations and run through an app, our bikes can be picked up and dropped off anywhere bikes can be parked.


Q. How do I find a bike?

On the main map screen, look for the orange bike icons in your vicinity. Locate and inspect the bike to make sure are no obvious signs of damage.


Q. How do I find the bike code?

The QR code can be found on the bike in a small rectangular area between the handlebars, and on the 'licence plate' underneath the bike seat.


Q. How much does Dropbike cost?

Dropbike's pricing starts at just $1/hour and also offers monthly memberships. For some riders, Dropbike requires a $49 deposit to use our service.


Q. How do I get a refund on my deposit?

If you deactivate your account, your deposit will be automatically refunded to the card on record. For any other refund requests, please contact our support team at support@dropbike.ca.


Q. Do I have to wear a helmet?

Please always follow your local by-laws. In BC, riders are required to wear helmets. In many other provinces and states, helmet laws are mandatory for youth. Wearing a helmet can protect you in case of a fall or accident and Dropbike encourages riders to wear helmets regardless of local regulation.


Q. How can I edit my account settings?

To edit your account settings, navigate to the sidebar in the app and select 'Settings'. Here, you can view the User Agreement, Deposit Information, Service Agreement, Consumer Agreement, and read more about Dropbike.


Q. How can I change my payment type?

To add a new payment type, navigate to the sidebar in the app and select 'Balance'. Select the 'Add' button next to your balance. Then, select 'Change Card' to change how you top up your account.